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Our Mission

As stewards of this special place and as a family, we see it as our duty to look after Lochnell to the best of our abilities and to leave it in a better place than when we arrived.

For us, that means, investing in the landscape, the buildings and the people that surround us.

We strive to bring energy and commitment to all we do here at Lochnell.

We hope to welcome you soon.

Lord Dundonald & family.


The earliest recorded occupation of the current site dates back to that of a "St Columba" cell around the 6th Century. Parts of this are still visible in the undercroft of the "Chapel" and under the main part of the Castle. 

The next building period is 15th Century, the vernacular building to rear of the Castle, now known as the "Chapel", following which the neoclassical front of the building was erected in 1730; finally this and the Chapel were joined together in 1780 by the modern and now mostly ruined Georgian Castle.

The estate as it stands today is only one part of the property amassed by the Campbell's of Lochnell, a branch of the Campbell line of the current Duke of Argyll, and the same family that raised the foot regiment that became the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

The Campbell family sold the estate in 1912 to the head of the Cochrane family, who's descendant broke up and sold  the estate in 1949, following it's requisition as a brigade headquarters during World War II.

The principal part of the estate went through multiple ownership before being repurchased in 1962, by the then head of the Cochrane family, Ian Dundonald, 14th Earl of Dundonald.

The Castle

Lochnell Castle is a truly private place, situated on the stunning west coast of Scotland.


The castle's beautiful and historic rooms and well maintained grounds allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape from an impressive setting.


While the main castle is a private family residence, there are opportunities to use some of the rooms depending on each individual request.

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